Dual LP/CO Gas Alarm For RV – MTI Industries Safe T Alert – 35 Series – 12V


Safe T Alert 35 Series Dual LP/CO Alarm

This is one of the propane and carbon monoxide gas detectors that we use in our RV. It is essential to have these detectors to be safe. We have had propane lines break while driving, and it is easier than you think to bump the burner knob and have gas filling your cabin.

We have had to replace the original as they are only good for a max of 5 years. In reality, you are lucky if you get more than 2-3 years out of this unit before it goes bad.

This is not the best quality detector as may people sail they fail too soon (under 2 years). The manufacturer only warranties it for 1 year. The problem is that there are not many other brands making these alarms specifically for RV use. We wanted an exact replacement so it would fit in the existing hole, and we avoided cutting any more holes in the RV.

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Safe T Alert 35 Series Dual LP/CO Alarm

Intended for rugged recreational vehicle conditions, this Safe T Alert 35 Series Dual LP/CO Alarm is perfect for class A motor homes, class B van campers, class C mini-motor homes, travel trailers, fifth wheels, trucks and folding campers.

It is designed with advanced technology including an “Alarm Mute” button that silences the alarm once the recreational vehicle is vented. It also features a fast recovery sensing element that resets once silenced or reactivates if dangerous levels of LP (Propane) or CO (Carbon Monoxide) are still detected. Straightforward 12 volt installation means that there will be no missing or dead batteries to worry about. This unit meets RVIA/NFPA requirements. Listed to UL 1484 RV and UL 2034 RV.

Note: The date listed on the item is the manufactured date. Expiration date is 5 years after manufactured date.


  • Model: 35-742
  • Power Supply & Current Draw: 108 mA @ 12 VDC
  • Operational Range: 12 Volts +/-15%
  • Low Voltage Power Warning
  • Operating Temperature: -40° F to +158° F
  • Dimensions: 6.375″W x 2.875″H x 1.25″D
  • Meets 1/1/05 Requirements Set By RVIA for LP Detectors And CO Alarms
  • Test/Reset Button With Mute
  • Both Alarms Are Totally Operational Throughout Mute Cycle And Can Re-alarm If Unsafe Conditions Recur
  • Both Sensors Still Work Throughout An Alarm
  • UL listed For Recreational Vehicles And Unconditioned Areas For Both CO And Propane/Natural Gas
  • One Year Limited Warranty
  • UL Listing LP – UL 1484 RV Gas Detectors
  • UL Listing CO – UL 2034 RV CO Alarms
  • ULC Listing and CSA 6.19-01

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