Humble Nomads Volunteer For Thanksgiving In El Paso

Ramsey Says Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Is The Season For Giving

I love Thanksgiving, and it is both mine and Shawna’s favorite holiday. I am guessing it is also Ramsey’s favorite based on all the extra food. In previous years, we would cook the full deal, and we would have some people over to our house. This year is different, and we are blessed to be able to volunteer for Thanksgiving.

Carving The Turkey GIF

Cooking Large Meals In An RV Is Not Ideal

Living in an RV is not ideal for cooking a huge feast because the oven is tiny. Also, the fridge is too small to hold tons of leftovers. The kitchen is not big enough to be making multiple dishes at once. However, the big thing is that when you travel full time, often you are nowhere near friends and family during the holidays. This makes holidays on the road the perfect time to find a local volunteer opportunity. We are very happy to be able to volunteer for Thanksgiving at the rescue mission this year.

This Thanksgiving We Got To Volunteer At The El Paso Rescue Mission In Texas

Often volunteer activities are full on the actual day of the holiday. It is nice that the holidays bring out the best in people. We will often do our holiday volunteer activity just before or after the actual holiday when fewer volunteers are available. This year we went to the El Paso Rescue Mission and helped serve the homeless turkey a la king for lunch. Everyone was super friendly, and the day was enjoyable. Note that we took pictures while cleaning up after the lunch rush was gone; we are careful not to exploit anyone personally. Hopefully this will maybe inspire you to volunteer for Thanksgiving next year!

The El Paso Rescue Mission Does An Amazing Job

The people running this mission do an amazing job for the people of El Paso, Texas. This mission is all about a hand up in life rather than a hand out. The people who stay here must be trying to get a job and back on their feet in order to stay. They have dorms that house on average 130 people per night, and each day they are serving about 300 meals. They also have a relapse prevention program. Please visit their website if you want to donate, volunteer, or know more about the mission. Thank you!

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