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Humbly Nomadic Tribe – Allan, Shawna, & Ramsey

Hello & Thanks For Visiting! Our Humbly Nomadic Tribe Welcomes You.

We are two average people who left the typical “working” life behind and sold everything to live our dream life traveling the world. Ramsey, our 11-year-old boxer, enjoys seeking adventure as much as we do and decided to come with. We turned our dreams into a business as well as a charitable foundation that helps others along the way. By sharing great content as we travel the world, it is our mission to inspire others to get out there and live their dreams.  

We hope you find this to be an awesome food & travel blog that not only gets you motivated to live life to its fullest, but also helps you make it happen. Our ultimate goal is to live the most fulfilling lives possible while helping others turn their passions into profits. Please follow our blog for travel tips, food reviews, photos & videos from around the world, and information on how we make money following our passion.

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