Interactive Travel Maps – Places We Traveled

Here you will find interactive travel maps of all the places the Humbly Nomadic tribe has been. You can click on a green region of the map to see more detail for that region such as what activities we did, breweries we went to, food we ate or cooked, where we stayed, and more.

**Please note some of the pages this page links to have not been created yet. We will have those pages built soon. Sorry for the inconvenience; we are still working to get all of our information pages up.

We only shade regions green if both Shawna and I have been there together. If it is a place only one of has been to, that will remain red until we explore it together. We will add more travel maps as we explore new regions. For example, we have not been to Africa at all, so there will be no Africa map until we get there.

We thought we were fairly well traveled until we started building these travel maps. This showed us we have a lot of traveling left to do. Sometimes the world seems so small, but other times so big.

A big thank you to for providing the base maps for free. We then just had to tinker with them using Inkscape. If you want to make your own interactive travel maps, you can find a good tutorial here on how to make the maps responsive and interactive.

Click on the green regions of the interactive map below to drill down for detail on all the places we have been.

Red regions will turn green and become interactive as we travel to those regions.

You can zoom in on the page to find islands and small countries. If you have any issues with the maps, please use the text directory below each map.

The Americas & Caribbean Interactive Travel Map

Asia Interactive Travel Map


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