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Humbly Nomadic Travel Agency - Montego Bay Jamaica

Digital Nomads Open Full Service Travel Agency

We are excited and proud to announce that we have opened a full service travel agency. It simply made sense to become nomadic travel agents because of our experience as digital nomads & love for travel. Besides, we were already helping friends and family book travel on a regular basis anyway.

Oregon USA
Oregon USA

The last couple months were spent getting it all set up and rocking. We had to get the website built and integrated, as well as learn new booking & CRM systems.

Humbly Nomadic Travel is now fully licensed and insured for travel sales!

Hanauma Bay Hawaii - Travel Agent
Hanauma Bay Hawaii
Hopkins Belize Beach
Hopkins Belize Beach
Natural Sandstone Heart at Antelope Canyon
Natural Sandstone Heart at Antelope Canyon

The Best Travel Prices & Selections

We partnered up with one of the best and largest host agencies, so we have access to the best pricing and selection in the travel industry. Our affiliation with all the major travel suppliers assures we will be able to get you the vacation you want at a price that can’t be beat.

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We have your travel needs covered whether you are looking for the perfect vacation, or a company looking for a corporate travel agent. If tours, excursions & attractions are your thing, we can do that too! We look forward to booking your future travel! As always, 10% of commissions earned go directly to charitable causes!

Scuba Diving - Cancun Mexico
Scuba Diving – Cancun Mexico
Pearl Harbor Bowfin Submarine Battleship
Pearl Harbor Bowfin Submarine Battleship
The Jump - Skydiving
The Jump – Skydiving
Back On The Ground - Sky Dive
Back On The Ground – Sky Dive

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Travel Agent?

Time & Money

We can search faster and better than you. Travel agents have access to booking engines and flight consolidators not available to the general public. By partnering with a high volume host agency, we get the best prices and perks such as upgrades from all the major travel suppliers. Also, we will save you hours of research, and time is money after all.

Full Moon Over Cabin At Dream Valley Resort Belize
Full Moon Over Cabin At Dream Valley Resort Belize

Humbly Nomadic Travel does not charge a booking fee, so we will get you the same or lower price than you would find online yourself.

Assistance & Recommendations

What if something goes wrong? What if flights get canceled and you are in a place with poor phone or internet service? With an agent you have someone in your corner to help get things corrected.

Thailand - Travel Agents
Thailand Scenery

A travel agent has a pulse on the travel industry. Especially a nomadic travel agent. We can provide guidance if you are not sure where to go and/or the budget you require. We know what tours are the best and what scams to avoid.

Less Stress

Instead of dealing with several different vendors, you deal with one central individual. Let someone else sit on hold waiting to book that tour or attraction. Additionally, travel agents will generally have better travel insurance options than what is offered at checkout from most travel vendors. Perhaps most importantly, you get to deal with the same person from start to finish.

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Humbly Nomadic Travel Agency Is Already Flourishing

Our travel agency is already off and flying. Even though this very blog post is the official public announcement, we have already booked multiple vacations for multiple clients. A little word of mouth, referrals, and a couple comments in facebook groups got us rolling pretty good before we even officially opened. It seems it was just meant to be!

Montego Bay Jamaica Airport
Montego Bay Jamaica Airport
Landing In San Francisco
Landing In San Francisco

Perfect Money Mindset Decision

For us, it will be an excellent way to make money while traveling as digital nomads. We have a money mindset that prevents us from doing anything just for the money. One of our lifestyle requirements is that we actually enjoy and are happy doing whatever projects we choose to work on. This travel agency supplements our current business model and is in line with our passions for travel and helping others, making it a perfect fit.

As we say in our core values: “Have Fun – If you don’t like what you’re doing, then do something else!”

When you are ready to book your next trip please, REQUEST A QUOTE or CONTACT US!

view from 24th floor in Oahu Hawaii
Oahu Hawaii – 24th Floor
The Hardy Gallery - Door County WI
The Hardy Gallery – Door County WI

Apologies For Lack Of Posting & Fresh Content

The last couple of months have been both busy and lazy for us. I know that sounds funny and does not really make sense, but that is what it feels like. I guess you could say we are binge workers and lazy in between.

Bobby Hill - Lazy In Bed
Photo Credit: https://www.reactiongifs.com/eating-chips-bed/

The last few months we spent waiting out winter in Zapata, Texas at Falcon Lake RV Park. We have ventured about this area a bit including Laredo, Rio Grande City, Corpus Christi, South Padre Island, and the Mexico border towns of Ciudad Acuña & Piedras Negras. So we have a ton of new content to get edited & posted from these trips.

Our equipment store will be built out the rest of the way soon too, complete with full product reviews & videos. We will start posting content on a regular basis very soon. Thanks to everyone bearing with us while we get everything built out & streamlined.

Heading Towards Austin & San Antonio

Now that winter has passed for the most part. We are going to start heading north towards Austin & San Antonio. If anyone wants to meet up, knows of good charitable activities, or has food and/or sightseeing suggestions, please hit us up in the comments section.

BLM land in T or C - New Mexico
BLM Camping Land – T or C – New Mexico
On The Road Again
On The Road Again

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