Meet The Humbly Nomadic Tribe

The Tribe

Our humbly nomadic tribe consists of my wife (Shawna), myself (Allan) and our dog Ramsey. We are two average people with an above average dog who decided in 2017 that we wanted to start living extraordinary lives. We made a conscious decision to leave the traditional “working life” behind to pursue a nomadic lifestyle. We decided to pursue our dreams of traveling the world while helping others along the way.

This requires us to live a bit of a minimalist lifestyle in order to afford the adventures we seek. However, we truly value experiences over possessions so it is ultimately a blessing more than sacrifice. We believe that anyone, regardless of circumstances, can find a way to live their own best life given the proper mindset, the proper education, and the level of passion required to fuel action steps towards the most fulfilling life possible.

How We Came To Be

Shawna and I got together back in 2006 and never looked back. We are both from small towns in southern Wisconsin. We actually met previously a few times as acquaintances through mutual friends, but never exchanged more than a few words. I moved to Arizona in my early 20’s, and then came back to Wisconsin in 2006 when my father was dying. That’s when Shawna and I truly shared more than a few minutes together. We have been a team ever since. After a few years in Wisconsin, we decided to flee the freezing cold and move to Arizona. That is where we made our home until deciding to sell everything in 2017 in pursuit of our humbly nomadic lifestyle.


Ramsey, our 12-year-old boxer, came into the picture about a year after getting to Arizona. We were literally looking specifically at boxers on one morning when our refrigerator broke. I went to get a replacement part for the refrigerator, and as I was paying for the part the cashier asks if I know of anyone looking for a boxer free to a good home. Sometimes the universe is like magic! He has been the most amazing dog, everyone loves him, and he thinks he is a celebrity. He loves Ol’ Roy dog biscuits (affiliate link) which we call “cookies”, Ol’ Roy dog food (affiliate link), pig ears (affiliate link), people’s food with no vegetables, sleeping, parks, and walks. He hates almost all vegetables, swimming, and baths. So far he really enjoys his nomadic life!

So far we do not have any children other than Ramsey. However, our nomadic lifestyle change has reinforced our relationship making it stronger than ever, and we hope to be blessed with our first human child in the near future. It is our belief that a nomadic & entrepreneurial lifestyle of world travel will be an excellent way to raise an open thinking child rich with real-world problem-solving skills.

The Past 10 Years

We spent the last 10 years in Arizona building the life we thought we wanted, and we did a pretty good job of it. We took turns putting each other through school, and then we both built decent careers. Shawna was saving lives as a dialysis technician. I worked as an IT tech and operations manager in financial services marketing. We started to build the typical American dream with the house, cars, motorcycles, boat, and we would vacation as much as our jobs would allow. It seemed near perfect from the outside looking in, except we were both working crazy hours. The stress of the grind was reaching unhealthy levels.

The Realization

We realized we barely even had the time to enjoy the superficial possessions we had acquired. Then we started questioning the true value, costs, and maintenance of the lifestyle we were living, and how that was affecting our pursuit of true happiness. Ultimately, this led to a great deal of soul searching to determine what would make us truly happy. It forced us to determine what are true passions were. That is what caused us to form this new nomadic life plan.

For me, this came down to quitting my current career to either start a brewery or do something travel related. I was too stressed out to start a brewery despite my skill and passion for home brewing. Also, Shawna was less than passionate about the brewery idea, but she does share the travel bug with me. This is what led to our new life and the founding of A & S Ventures LLC, the Humbly Nomadic blog, and our non-profit charity foundation.

We are not super wealthy, and in fact, we both come from average, middle-class, Midwest families. Nobody ever gave us anything on a silver platter. When we got together back in 2006 we lived paycheck to paycheck and didn’t own anything except clothes and a 1995 Buick. We both still “work”, but it is entirely on our terms. Now we only do what we love and want to do. Do what you love and you never work a day in your life, right? 

The Decision

We made the decision to pursue a nomadic lifestyle in October 2017. It took almost a full year to sell everything and quit our jobs to become full-time digital nomads. Believe me, it has not all been gumdrops and jelly beans; we have had plenty of struggles, but that’s life. The only things we own now are a truck, travel trailer, and basic living & business necessities. Once we are done with the travel trailer portion of our travels, we will be selling both the truck and trailer to set out to a new continent with nothing more than a few bags of luggage. We are happy to share our nomadic life with the world, and hope to inspire you to live your best life if you are not already doing so!

Mission Statement

It is our mission to live the happiest, most fulfilling lives we can, and to help anyone interested do likewise. By sharing great content from our travel adventures around the world, we strive to educate and inspire others to pursue their own passions to the fullest extent. It is our goal to teach people how to turn their purest passions into profits. At the same time, we believe in giving back, and so we founded our own Humble Deeds Charitable Foundation. We also try to find volunteer activities as we travel, nd so we make it a point to find time for charitable acts or “Humble Deeds” as we call them.

Core Values

  1. Mindset Is Everything – Proper mindset is the foundation to a happy and successful lifestyle. 
  2. People Over Profits – Do the right thing even if it isn’t the easy thing.
  3. Stay Humble – Remember to give back and take time to help others.
  4. Have Fun – If you don’t like what you’re doing, then do something else!

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