El Paso Zoo Day Trip

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A Small But Decent Zoo

The El Paso Zoo is a small but decent zoo. The Humbly Nomadic tribe are animal and wildlife lovers, so we enjoy checking out the local zoos. You can easily get through this zoo in a few hours. You can find the hours of operation here. This zoo houses over 220 species. However, because of the temperature swings in El Paso, some of the animals may not be on display at all times.

There are a couple of cafes in the El Paso Zoo, but I would suggest filling up somewhere else beforehand. They do allow you to leave and come back if you get your hand stamped. We actually had to leave and come back because I was filling our RV’s water tank and realized I forgot to turn off the water before heading to the zoo. Yup, we had a small pond when we got back and a small flood in the RV. Oops!

Wildlife Amphitheater

Unfortunately, because of the flood mentioned above, we had to leave and missed the show at the wildlife amphitheater. They have the “Wings of the World Bird Show” where large predator birds will fly directly over the heads of the audience. We have been to a similar show at Bearizona and can say it is likely worth your while.

What’s In The Box?

They got me here! I was not expecting what was in the box. I can’t help but use the “what’s in the box” scene from the movie Seven (Se7en).

whats in the box - el paso zoo
Photo Credit: Steemit

I lifted the lid to see that I had just handled a dried out elephant turd. You would think they would have some hand sanitizer near by after that, but not a chance. Thank you El Paso Zoo.

El Paso Zoo Photos & Videos

Please enjoy the video slideshow as well as Shawna’s first Youtube.com video production! Our favorite exhibits here were the lions, sea lion, elephant, and the red river hogs.

El Paso Zoo Virtual Tour

Support The El Paso Zoo

A great way to support the zoo is to simply go. Tickets range from $7.50 to $12 depending on age and/or military affiliation. You can also become a member of the El Paso Zoo if you will be going often. Other ways to support the zoo are through volunteering or direct donation.

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  1. Deb says:

    Great job. Thanks for the slow motion spray. I missed it the first time too! Can’t wait to see where you are next.

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